Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeover

Do you have unwanted spacing, discolouration, missing or cracked teeth, or simply want to change the way your smile looks? A perfect smile is never out of reach; smile makeovers can give you the smile of your dreams in just a few weeks! Smile makeovers address the major areas of smile improvement including missing teeth, teeth that are translucent, poorly spaced teeth, and discoloured teeth. The makeover uses the most advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry to fully transform your smile into something you will love and can’t stop using! Your SE Calgary dentist will help you discover what you want your smile to look like before using crowns, veneers, and inlays or onlays to unlock your hidden smile potential.

Smile Makeover Techniques

Porcelain Crowns

Unfortunately not all of us are born with perfect, pearly white, straight teeth. Even if we were all blessed with miraculously pristine teeth, unforeseen circumstances and natural wear and tear can cause imperfections. Crowns are used to correct those imperfections. A crown is a type of dental restoration that completely covers a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are used for both function and fashion. Crowns are used to protect the health of a tooth endangered by a large cavity but also improve the aesthetics of the area, covering up any visible decay. Crowns can be made of many materials but porcelain has been found to be most effective. The crown is fabricated outside of the office based on a dental impression, and then bonded to the tooth using dental cement. Crowns are used when there is too much decay or fracture to use partial coverage techniques such as veneers. Crowns are also used for someone who grinds their teeth and may abrade or dislodge a veneer. However, not everyone requires entire coverage of a tooth.


A veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth used to either protect or improve the aesthetics of a tooth. Veneers are made up of either a composite resin or dental porcelain. The debate rages on as to whether porcelain or composite veneers are better. Composite veneers are done chair side, which expedites the process. Resin veneers can also be repaired if they are broken, while porcelain ones need to be completely replaced. However, because porcelain veneers are so thin, they require very little to no tooth structure to be removed. Porcelain veneers are also very durable, stain resistant, and create a very natural appearance. Because of the translucent properties, porcelain veneers mimic the characteristics of enamel, giving the tooth a sense of depth.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays or onlays are typically indirect restorations consisting of a solid substance such as gold or porcelain, and sometimes even a composite resin. This process involves fabricating the restoration outside of the office based on the dental impressions of the affected tooth. This process replaces a soft filling. Not only does it provide function to the affected tooth, protecting it from further damage, but covers any damaged areas for added aesthetic value.

Missing, cracked, poorly gapped, or discoloured teeth are no longer a reality we are forced to live with. Using minimally invasive techniques, your teeth can be restored to their natural, beautiful look in just a few weeks!

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