Wisdom Tooth Removal

Most adults will have to undergo at least one wisdom tooth removal in their lifetime. Our goal is to make it as painless and free of complications as possible.

Over the course of our practice, we have performed many, many wisdom tooth extractions. As a patient of ours, your wisdom teeth will be monitored at regular check-ups for developing areas of concern.

Wisdom teeth can suffer from a number of issues; if a tooth breaks partway through the gum, bacteria and debris may collect under the remaining flap of tissue, causing infection. They may become stuck under the gums (or “impacted:), or grow in at an angle, shifting the rest of your teeth out of place. In these cases, we may recommend removing the teeth to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.

A wisdom tooth extraction is much like any other tooth extraction. The procedure is generally quite simple, and can often be done under local anaesthetic while the patient is awake. General anaesthesia may be required for more complicated removals, or if all four teeth are being removed at once. After the anaesthetic has been administered, we will carefully remove the tooth–or teeth–and then either pack the hole or close up the wound. We will provide you with clear, thorough instructions on how to care for your mouth following the extraction.

Recovery is usually quick–only a couple of days for simple removals, perhaps a week for more complicated ones. If you experience unusual symptoms following the removal, call our office immediately.


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