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Root canal therapy has a bad reputation, but this important procedure can be used to restore a damaged tooth and save your natural smile.

Many things, including trauma, decay, cracks, and breaks may cause significant root damage in the affected tooth. If the tooth is salvageable but the root is beyond repair, root canal therapy may be used to restore the tooth. There are many benefits to receiving a root canal over a prosthetic replacement, including the natural appearance, and the maintenance of normal biting force and sensation. In addition, a prosthetic replacement for the damaged tooth is generally more costly and time consuming.

These days, a root canal is a relatively minor task that can be completed in only one or two appointments. You should not experience pain or major discomfort either during or after the procedure. After first numbing the tooth, the damaged root tissue will be removed from the tooth and the inner cavity will be disinfected. The tissue will then be replaced with a synthetic material called gutta-percha, which simulates the natural root of the tooth. The procedure is completed by sealing the tooth with a crown or filling.

Root canals can extend the life of the tooth for many years. The affected tooth may never need to be replaced or operated on again in your lifetime.


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