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Dental surgery doesn’t have to be an ordeal. We’ll use our experience and understanding to deliver you the highest level of service, from the initial consultation through the procedure and recovery. We’ll keep you comfortable, safe, and informed through every stage of care.

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Dental Surgeries and other Specialty Treatments

We offer a full range of dental surgeries. Click on the tabs below to learn more. Some services will have a full page of information, so click on the read more button to learn more about that service.

  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Most adults will have to undergo at least one wisdom tooth removal in their lifetime. Our goal is to make it as painless and free of complications as possible.

    Over the course of our practice, we have performed many, many wisdom tooth extractions. As a patient of ours, your wisdom teeth will be monitored at regular check-ups for developing areas of concern.

    Wisdom teeth can suffer from a number of issues; if a tooth breaks partway through the gum, bacteria and debris may collect under the remaining flap of tissue, causing infection. They may become stuck under the gums (or “impacted:), or grow in at an angle, shifting the rest of your teeth out of place. In these cases, we may recommend removing the teeth to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.

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  • Root Canal Therapy
    Root canal therapy has a bad reputation, but this important procedure can be used to restore a damaged tooth and save your natural smile.

    Many things, including trauma, decay, cracks, and breaks may cause significant root damage in the affected tooth. If the tooth is salvageable but the root is beyond repair, root canal therapy may be used to restore the tooth. There are many benefits to receiving a root canal over a prosthetic replacement, including the natural appearance, and the maintenance of normal biting force and sensation.

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  • Endodontic / Root Canal Retreatment
    Teeth that have undergone root canals occasionally fail to properly heal, and may become painful or infected after surgery–sometimes months or even years later. With endodontic retreatment, it may be possible to save the damaged tooth.

    If you’ve had a root canal and experience pain, swelling, or any unusual symptoms around the affected tooth, contact us immediately to schedule an examination.

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  • Root Amputation

    Root damage can be caused by decay, cracking, or bone loss from periodontitis. If the damage occurs to the root of a molar tooth (which can have up to four roots to a single tooth), but the tooth remains otherwise healthy, a root amputation may be performed to save the natural tooth. This is generally more comfortable and cost-effective than removing the entire tooth and replacing it with a bridge or dental implant.

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