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The path to a great smile starts here.

A lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles requires a partnership with your dentist. We believe every patient deserves the absolute best care we can provide, whether their teeth are in perfect condition or not. We hope that our friendly staff and patient-comes-first philosophy will soon have you looking forward to your visits.

We see a new patient as an opportunity to build a life-long relationship. No matter your dental background, you can expect a few things at your first visit:

Information Gathering & Introductions

Your first visit to our Calgary dental office begins with a new patient questionnaire. To provide you with the best possible service, it’s important for us to know your dental and general medical history before examining or treating you. Your dentist will also meet you personally to go over your dental history, and discuss any particular concerns or questions you may have.


Except in the instance that you have had transferred very recent x-rays over from a previous dentist, we will likely take a new set of x-rays during your first visit, to begin our own record of your dental health.


Unless you have had a recent cleaning, a dental hygienist will perform one at your first visit. Tartar will be removed, your teeth will be flossed, and polish and fluoride will be applied.


Your new Calgary dentist will carefully examine your teeth, gums, tongue, and other tissues. As it is your first visit to our office, this exam will likely be slightly longer and more thorough than a regular check-up. Your new dentist will make notes on your oral health and look carefully for any decay, cavities, abnormalities, or signs of periodontal disease.

We may schedule a follow-up visit if there are any causes of concern.

At your first appointment, we aim to make you feel comfortable and listened to. We welcome questions, both about your own oral health and about our practice in general.

Proper dental health is important for everyone, and we believe you deserve the best care there is. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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