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A complete transformation, to give you the smile you’ve always wanted and deserved with Smile Makeover.

Your happiness is our business. Our cosmetic dentistry experts will work closely with you from start to finish, listening to your wishes, providing you with personal advice, and ensuring you are comfortable and informed on your journey to an entirely new smile.

Your smile makeover will begin with a thorough consultation. We will review your desires and areas of concern, taking into account everything from the size, shape, and alignment of your teeth to the colour of your skin and hair.

Crooked Teeth

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, braces may be recommended before undergoing the rest of the smile makeover. Straight teeth and a good bite are important elements of the perfect smile, and the extra time taken to achieve these is generally worth it in the end.

Missing Teeth

The gaps formed by missing teeth can be filled using a bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture. The prosthetic tooth will look and feel very natural, filling out your smile and providing the added benefit of restored chewing and speaking function.

Discoloured Teeth

Age, coffee and tea, wine, certain foods, and smoking can cause teeth to become yellow or discoloured. Whitening can be undertaken to make your teeth whiter, brighter, and more youthful looking.

Misshapen Teeth

If you are unhappy with the length, shape, or size of some or all of your teeth, we can help. Many people feel that their teeth are too short or long, too widely spaced, or that their smile shows too much of their gums. Problems like these can be corrected using a variety of reshaping techniques, including gum reduction, tooth filing, and the application of porcelain veneers to completely transform your teeth.

Changing Face Shape

Aging, trauma, tooth loss, and other factors can cause the shape of your face to change over time, often making you look older and less healthy. The youth and vibrancy of your face may be improved using braces or other orthodontics, oral maxillofacial surgery, and more.

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, we’re here to help. A new smile can restore a youthful appearance, improve your confidence, and deliver better speaking, chewing, and biting function. Call us to book a consultation today.



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