Questions to ask your dentist

Questions to ask a dentist

Many of us know only too well the frustration of our dentist asking us questions when it’s the most impossible time for us to answer them – like when the probe is busy removing plaque from our teeth, the suction pipe is being pushed around by a zealous assistant, and so on.

Well, if you’re looking for a new dentist in Calgary SE, facing a dental procedure or concerned about improving your oral health self-care at home, this is your time to ask questions.

When choosing a dentist:

Ask your dentist in Calgary SE

If you’re shy about asking too many questions, just remember how important your oral health is to the health of your body. Oral health issues have been linked to some very serious and life-threatening medical conditions like cancer, strokes and diabetes. So ask away…

You can be sure any dentist is going to ask you a whole lot of questions. First of all there will be the question of filling in the paperwork regarding your general details. When you meet the dentist, he or she will ask about your dental and general medical history in order to build up insight into what risk factors exist and what dental treatments you are likely to need.

If the dentist asks those questions, go on and ask yours. If the dentist doesn’t ask those questions, or if he or she makes you feel you are wasting their time by asking yours, don’t waste your own time. Move on in your search for the right SE Calgary dentist who will answer the following questions:

Before selecting your new dentist

  1. What are your qualifications and areas of specialization?
  2. Do you keep up with new developments in dentistry and if so, how?
  3. How do you handle appointment scheduling in the normal course of events and emergency treatment in particular? Some practises are booked up for months ahead which can prove very frustrating if an oral health emergency develops.
  4. Do you have anyone to provide backup if you are on leave or ill?
  5. (If you have children) Do you have a hygienist who specializes in treating children or any special approaches to how you deal with them?
  6. Does your practise accept my medical insurance and do you have payment plans?

At a consultation:

  1. What is the overall state of my oral health?
  2. What treatments do you think I am going to need?
  3. You might need several treatments over a period of time. Ask your dentist to clarify what each entails, how many visits each will require and what the costs will be. Also ask your dentist to prioritize them in terms of your oral health and plan a treatment program according to that.
  4. What can I do to maintain or improve my oral health?
  5. What check-up schedule do you recommend?
  6. Is there anything I should report to my doctor?

If a procedure is recommended:

Ask for a detailed description of what is entailed in the recommended procedure, its level of urgency and its cost. If dental surgery is involved, ask about risks and side-effects, and what plans are in place should something go seriously wrong during the surgery. Finally, determine the after-effects in terms of pain and discomfort, and after-care requirements to ensure the procedure’s success.

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