How to search for a dentist in SE Calgary, AB

How to Search SE Calgary dentist

Looking for a new dentist in SE Calgary is not an easy thing to do and therefore you should not rush it. There are several key factors to consider while searching for a dental professional to make sure you will find a highly experienced dentist with good reputation who will accommodate your needs. Learn how to find a SE Calgary dentist in advance and do not wait till an emergency arise!

Key Factors to Consider


SE Calgary dentist location

Office location is usually one of the primary factors in customer decision process. Make sure that the dental office is in close proximity to your home or workplace. That will ensure you will arrive on time for the appointments with your SE Calgary dentist and you will also lose an excuse why not to have a regular cleaning & check-up done!

Office Hours & Booking

Dental Office Hours

Do the opening hours fit into your personal and work schedule? A lot of dental clinics offer
extended evening hours and weekend appointments. So if you work 9-5 job and do not want to take a day off because of an appointment with your dentist, office hours are definitely an important factor to consider. Also, more and more clinics offer online booking that allows you to book or request an appointment 24/7.

Treatments you are interested in

Dental Procedures

What type of a dental procedure are you interested in? Are you looking for a Calgary
specialist? Then you should search for an office that offers cosmetic dentistry procedures. Do you need a root canal therapy? Chances are you are looking for an endodontist.

Personal Comfort

Personal comfort at your Calgary dentist

Feeling comfortable at the dental office is another important factor. Are the dentist and
staff friendly? Is the atmosphere welcoming and the office clean? Does the dentist take time to hear your concerns and answer all of your questions? Do you feel comfortable telling the dentist about your health issues?

Insurance Accepted

Dental insurance accepted

Does the clinic accept your insurance provider? Do they directly bill the insurance
company? Or what payment options to they offer?

How and Where to Look for a SE Calgary dentist?

Search Online

search dentist online

Searching for a dentist online is fast and convenient. Most of the dental clinics have websites where you can learn about dental procedures they offer, read dentist’s bio, explore the office gallery and check what insurance providers they accept.

Also, you want to make sure that the dentist have a good reputation. Sites like Google+, Yelp or RateMD and the places to visit to read patients’ reviews.


Refer a patient to dentist

The most trusted source of information are referrals from your family, friends, and
colleagues. How are they satisfied with their dentist? Is he/she currently accepting new patients? Sometimes dental offices even offer referral incentives so your friend or a family member might get something in return for referring you.

Searching for a new dentist in Calgary is not an easy task. However, if you do a proper research and consider all of the factors above, you should not have any issues with finding a dentist that will suit your needs.

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