Daily Tips For Good Oral Health

Oral Health Tips

Taking care of your teeth, good oral hygiene and regular visits to your SE Calgary dentist help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. There are a lot of reasons why people want to have healthy teeth and gums. We use our mouths every day; whether it is for speaking, eating or smiling. Having healthy teeth and gums allows us to chew comfortably for good nutrition, helps us avoid toothaches and discomfort. In addition to that new research studies have found correlation between gum disease and heart disease. Another studies have found a connection between bad oral health and diabetes.

Oral health is an important par of your overall health! Good oral health positively affects SE Calgary dentist recommends!not only you physical and metal health but also your social life and your interaction with other people.

Also, there are bacteria that can live in your mouth in the form of plaque causing cavities. And that can lead to gum (periodontal) disease. Plaque is a thin layer of material that contains bacteria and sticks on your teeth. Then things such as sugary foods cause bacteria to produce acid. You can remove plaque by brushing your teeth every day, using dental floss and mouthwash.

Preventive dental care is a very important part of your oral health and therefore you should visit your dentist in Calgary SE at least twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings to avoid any serious dental and health issues.

Does your gum hurt or bleed when you are brushing your teeth? Does your breath smell bad during the whole day? Any of these issues might indicate more serious problem so you should not be hesitant with scheduling an appointment with your Calgary dentist and having your teeth and mouth checked! Preventive dental care can reduce the risk of dental problems and more expensive treatments later on.

Besides going for regular check-ups and cleanings there are simple steps you can take to maintain good oral health.

Tips To Maintain Good Oral Health

Brush Your Teeth Daily

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Using fluoride toothpaste will help strengthen your enamel. If you cannot brush your teeth after meal, rinse your mouth with water to remove remaining food.

Flossing and Brushing Between Your Teeth

You should use a dental floss or interdental brushes at least once a day. They can reach where tooth brush cannot and can help you remove logged food between your teeth and prevent the build-up plaque.

Protect Your Mouth

Using protective gear such as mouth-guards and helmet during sports can reduce the risk of teeth injury and consequent emergency dentist visit.

Clean Your Tongue

Bacteria can also live on the surface of your tongue so you should not forget to clean the surface of your tongue when brushing your teeth. Bacteria on the tongue also cause a bad breath and have a negative impact on your overall oral health.

Have Your Mouth And Teeth Checked-Up Regularly By Your Dentist in Calgary SE

You should visit your dentist/hygienist at least twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings.


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