Questions to ask your dentist

Questions to ask a dentist

Many of us know only too well the frustration of our dentist asking us questions when it’s the most impossible time for us to answer them – like when the probe is busy removing plaque from our teeth, the suction pipe is being pushed around by a zealous assistant, and so on. Well, if you’re […]

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Oral Hygiene Basics

The aesthetic effects of good oral hygiene are great. It goes a long way towards keeping you from embarrassing moments caused by bits of food stuck between your teeth, keeps your smile bright and attractive, and for the most part prevents bad breath from driving everyone away. However, the need to ensure good oral hygiene […]

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Straightening Out Your Teeth

straightening out teeth

Do you have crooked teeth? Have you always dreamed of a perfect smile? Do you want to land your dream job or get that big promotion? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your local SE Calgary dentist has something for you! Whether it is the dominant age of social media or simply […]

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